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Genesis Wellness & Weight Loss Clinic


Genesis Acupuncture Wellness & Weight Loss Clinic is an 8 week group session using ear acupuncture to decrease food cravings, anxiety, stress & compulsive behavior. Included are qi gong exercises for relaxation and to reduce cravings, lecture, cooking demos and group discussion. The Clinic is open twice weekly.

Cooking Demos


Cooking Demos

Simple, quick & very tasty with healthy foods that will change your life. Food quickly becomes a fun topic in class.

Qi Gong


We start the clinic with qi gong , using movement  to move the stagnation out of your body. It is the mother of tai qi and is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It is a high light of the clinic because you feel better very quickly.  It helps to reduce cravings and something you can do at home. 

Ear Acupuncuture


A classical point combination  using ear acupuncture for addiction and compulsive behavior is used twice a week.  People say about week 3 that they are sleeping better, mood is batter and they can make better choices because they are craving less and just feel better.

Lecture Topics


Lecture topics include:

1.Pleasure, Brain Chemistry, Weight Loss & Better Health  2. Learning the cancer prevention diet. How to eat to help prevent disease.  3.Impressive video  4. Five Element Theory for the Emotional Component of Making a Change. Viewing how our emotions, traits & thoughts take us out of balance.  5. The 3 Stages of Pre-Diabetes & how to eat for your insulin levels; protein, fats, carbohydrates & the ratio on your plate.  6. Food Additives-enhancing the flavor of ill-health.  7. Another impressive video  8. Detoxing

A Real Life Testimony


I have an overeating disorder where I eat without being hungry. Now, I got rid of the cravings, I don’t eat sugar anymore and most important I quit eating at night. I went from a size 16 to a size 14 and that is too loose.  Herbs, acupuncture and exercise have helped. There’s no specific diet, just eating healthy meals and drinking green smoothies. That fills me up and controls my cravings. I’m still continuing strong in my changes even after the class is over. Other people notice and comment. 

Rufing Higgins 2006